Other Things I Didn’t Tell

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“Maggie Breen digs deep into personal memory to unearth a vivid picture of a rural childhood, to reclaim that childhood in language, and to reinhabit with power and grace the landscape of those early years. She gives us poems rich in promise: even as she unpacks the complex baggage of a young Irish woman determined to take the world on her own terms, she succeeds in celebrating the very blessings of that difficult path. These poems bring to mind Kavanagh’s beautiful phrase – To look on is enough / In the business of love.” Professor Paula Meehan -Poetry Chair of Ireland 2013-2016, author of six award-winning poetry collections, as well as plays for both adults and children

“I relished the poems in this book, Maggie has an almost uncanny ability to evoke the details of childhood – from the slap of wellies against bare legs, to the ‘wrinkly witch fingers’ of a child in the bath – the vividness of imagery throughout the book, is quite startling and original.”
Niamh Boyce, 22nd May 2013
-Author of ‘The Herbalist’, 2012 Hennessy XO New Writer of the Year, 2013 Newcomer of the Year Irish Book Awards
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“Overall this is a remarkable book. … For all its courageous negotiation of the dark, the main impulse beneath this book, is light-seeking and celebratory.”
Jim Maguire, Wexford Echo, 22nd July 2014
-Author of ‘Quiet People: Korean Stories’ and debut poetry collection ‘Music Field’. shortlisted for the Shine/Strong Poetry Award 2014
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