I paint because it helps me to find who I am and to accept myself. Painting connects to something in me. It gives me courage. It gives me an understanding of emotions without needing to express them in words. It also gives me the inspiration to find words when I need them. It allows me to feel. It brings me back to myself. While painting, I move from joy to anger and everything in between. The ‘trick’ is to keep going, to go into the dark and eventually come out the other side.

For me, painting is like excavating – it’s a way to dig through the layers of earth, to sift through the hard things and recover treasures, discarding as I go, unearthing more of who I am until finally I am revealed. In this exhibition, I explore the digging, the turmoil and finally the revealing. I hope something in my exhibition reveals something for you too.

‘Revealed’/’Tugtha chun solais’ was Maggie Breen’s debut art exhibition shown at Féile na Bealtaine 2014 in Dingle, Co. Kerry. See paintings included below.