I forgot myself once for a day

I forgot myself once for a day 

I cut off my hair
so my face was revealed
and the back of my neck
sloped like a swan’s.

I peeled off my clothes,
socks first, then the rest;
the weight of them gone,
now I could dance.

I opened my heart,
felt the wind and the soft sun
slanting in
and I felt alive.

I danced in sweeping circles,
the grass, soft on my soles,
and I remembered what it was like
to dance as a child,

with nothing in my head
but the lightness
of my limbs
and the swell of my heart.

At dusk, I remembered,
pulled on my heavy clothes,
my hair grew back
and the heaviness came again,
like poison ivy creeping up my skin,
’til I was my other self again.


*published in Crannóg 2014